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2018 Agenda

2018 Agenda

2018 Agenda

If you are a retailer and would like to speaker at this event, please contact Carl Goodman, Conference Production Director on 0151 707 9522 or email carl.goodman@internetretailingevents.com


We are currently confirming speakers for the 2018 edition of eDelivery Expo, but here's a sneak-peak of what you can expect to see at the event...


The Final Mile

With the options for customer delivery rapidly growing and with some retailers even providing an hourly delivery option; the final mile is fast becoming a key way to differentiate yourself from your competitors.  This crucial track looks at same-day delivery and how you can ensure it enhances customer experience, using tracking effectively to differentiate your offer and what an effective final mile strategy should look like to ensure Black Friday success.  

We’ll also discuss the plethora of new delivery options, how customer convenience in delivery will change by 2020 and assess how drones and robots will be used to offer a world-class delivery experience. 


09.25 - 09.30 Welcome from IRX/EDX 2018 Chair

Opening Keynote Address:

The Ecommerce State Of The Nation 2018

  • What does the eCommerce landscape look like in 2018, how will this develop and what key opportunities are emerging?
  • What key challenges does the industry face as customer expectations rise and competition remains fierce?
  • What tough questions do retailers need to be asking themselves to secure their future in an uncertain economy?
  • What key leadership skills do eCommerce executives need to focus on to drive success going forward?
10.00-10.25 Networking Break
10.25-10.30 Chair’s Introduction

Opening Keynote Address:

Driving Market Share And Customer Experience Through Best Practices Of Same Day Delivery

  • Understanding customer expectations and business case around same day delivery
  • Building a cost-effective same day delivery strategy the offers real ROI and customer engagement
  • Assessing and overcoming the key same day delivery challenges
  • Comparing and contrasting key same day delivery carrier options and which technologies to invest in
  • Evaluating how you can differentiate yourself in a commercial way from other retailers offering same day delivery to impress your customers

Case Study:

Using Visibility And Tracking As A Key Way To Differentiate Your Last Mile

  • Achieving a clearer understanding of the growing customer demand for track and trace
  • Building a strategy that maximizes visibility for your customers as a key differentiator
  • Assessing how to achieve visibility if you have a mix of carriers
  • Evaluating what smaller retailers can lean from Amazon regarding visibility and tracking 
  • Predicting where visibility and tracking are headed for future strategic planning

Sponsor Session

12.10-13.40 Networking Lunch
13.40-13.45 Welcome Back From The Chair

Case Study:

Seizing The Black Friday Opportunity: Stepping Up To The Last Mile Challenge To Ensure Your Customers’ Expectations Are Met During The Festive Season

  • Evaluating the impact of Black Friday on European eCommerce and customer experiences
  • Building a last mile strategy that is strong and agile enough to predict and cater for the Black Friday demand
  • Establishing how to overcome the inevitable, yet unexpected challenges of peak delivery periods and still meet your customers’ expectations 
  • Ensuring your carrier and technology partner relationships are up to scratch
  • Communicating effectively with your team and your customers to ensure Black Friday runs smoothly  
14.15-14.45 Networking Break

Panel Discussion:

How Will Delivery And Customer Convenience Change By 2020 And What Should You Do Now To Prepare?
Samantha James, Logistics Development Manager (Omni Channel), Screwfix
Dan Cluderay, Founder, Approvedfood.co.uk

The moderator will ask some of the following questions:

  • What will a state of the art delivery look like in 2020 and what should you do now to prepare?
  • What will customer expectations be around one hour delivery by 2020 and what should your strategy be today? 
  • What advances can we expect with drone delivery by 2020 and what should you do today to prepare? 
  • How will bicycle delivery be impacting eCommerce by 2020 and how can you integrate it into your strategy today?
  • How will robot and self-driving delivery be impacting retailer’s delivery strategies by 2020 and what should your strategy be today?
  • Which drop off points beyond the home will prevail by 2020 and what should your strategy be today? 
  • What proportion of deliveries will be made to customers’ boots and lockers by 2020 and should you integrate it into your strategy? 
  • How will driverless vehicles and robots impact the delivery market by 2020 and what should you do now to prepare? 
  • Ho seriously should retailers take subscription models as part of their delivery strategies?  
  • How important will instant returns be by 2020?

Closing Keynote Address:

Drone And Robot Delivery…Getting Beyond The Hype For A World-Class Customer Delivery Experience

  • Understanding what progress has been made to date worldwide in drone and robot customer delivery
  • Evaluating the challenges and regulations that need to be faced for it to become a realistic delivery experience for your customers
  • Assessing the realistic timescales for roll-out and what you can do to keep up with developments
  • Understanding how your customers feel about robots and drones and how it may impact their shopping habits
  • Predicting what Amazon’s role will be in drone delivery in the near future
16.05-16.10 Chair’s Closing Comments



Operational Excellence

The ‘Operational Excellence’ track focuses on the supply chain, operations and logistics element of internet retailing.  Attend this track to understand how you can use innovation in your warehouse to improve your operational efficiency and how you can best manage 3PL relationships during peak trading to improve customer experiences.

The track also looks at how retailers can work together operationally to drive sales, ensuring your returns policy avoids business disruption and what operational excellence will look like in 2020 and how you can best prepare. 


09.25-09.30 Chair’s Introduction

Opening Keynote Address:

Using Innovation In Warehouse Management To Maximise Operational Efficiencies And Drive Customer Experience

  • Understanding what world-class warehouse management looks like in 2018 and how innovation will impact your profits and customer experiences
  • Ensuring your infrastructure is agile enough to maintain excellence, scale and remain profitable when customer expectations are high  
  • Using machine learning and artificial intelligence to optimize your operations and drive efficiency
  • Evaluating how robots can cost-effectively be used to automate your warehouse, reduce costs and drive productivity
  • Assessing which packaging innovations will drive customer engagement and differentiation whilst remaining eco-friendly and secure
10.00-10.30 Networking Break

Case Study:

Assessing How Pureplays and Bricks & Mortar Retailers Can Best Collaborate On Delivery So Everyone Benefits
  • Evaluating how a pureplay can best integrate their operations with a bricks and mortar retailer to drive delivery customer experience and sales
  • Understanding the new sales opportunities the relationship creates for the bricks and mortar partner
  • Ensuring operational excellence with the returns procedure
  • Overcoming the challenge of brand protection when things don’t go to plan
  • Assessing where this relationships is headed to drive new opportunities for all parties  

Sponsor Session

11.35-13.10 Networking Lunch
13.10-13.15 Welcome Back From The Chair

Case Study:

Managing Relationships With 3PLs During Peak Delivery Periods Of Delivery To Improve Customer Experience

  • Establishing best practices of improving forecasting accuracy across job functions during periods of peak delivery
  • Evaluating how to strengthen your relationships with 3PLs when companies are fighting over limited capacity
  • Understanding which 3PL integration pitfalls to avoid when demand is high
  • Ensuring your 3PL relationships allow you to remain agile, scale your business and drive profits during peak periods
  • Assessing how to manage peak expectations with 3PLs, customers and staff to ensure smoother operations
13.45-14.15 Networking Break

Panel Discussion:

Ensuring Your Returns Policy Supports Sales Whilst Avoiding Disruption To Your Business
Panellist TBC, Narvar

The moderator will ask some of the following questions:

  • Which returns policies are the most effective for retailers in 2018?
  • How can you overcome the barrier returns creates for sales whilst minimizing the impact on the bottom line? 
  • How can you best turn returns into an opportunity to differentiate for your business? 
  • What steps can you take to make the returns process easier for your customer and for your business? 
  • How can you best communicate your returns options to your customers?
  • What key operational pitfalls should you watch out for when dealing with returns from another country? 
  • How should you approach shipping with one carrier and returning with another?
  • When is charging for returns and acceptable policy?
  • Which technologies offer the most value in an effective returns strategy?
  • What should a returns strategy look like for large items?

Closing Keynote Address:

Evaluating What Operational Excellence Will Look Like In 2020 And What You Should Do Now To Prepare
Dave Crellin, Head of Online Operations, Sainsbury's

  • Evaluating how warehouse management will develop over the next two years
  • Assessing which new operational strategies retailers will be using by 2020 for peak delivery periods
  • Predicting how will returns strategies change over the next two years
  • Assessing which new supply chain innovations are likely to become commonplace by 2020
  • Understanding the impact of the cloud in retailers’ infrastructure decisions by 2020
  • Evaluating what retailers can do today to prepare for the operational landscape of 2020 delivery  


15.35-15.40 Chair’s Closing Comments


  • EDX is very good for meeting suppliers and for networking and networking is the critical element for me
    Walter Blackwood
    Former Director – Group Logistics, Mothercare
  • It’s a great two days and in terms of what you can get of those two days - there’s so much on the itinerary
    Shaun Fernandes
    Senior Manager – Click & Collect, ASDA
  • EDX is the place to be
    John Munnelly
    Head of Operations, John Lewis Partnership
  • EDX is very good at getting a lot of the solutions and products that we didn’t know were available on the market
    John Wilson
    Director, PowerSaver Electrical Supplies
  • EDX is great, you cannot have multichannel without eDelivery
    Shaun Fernandes
    Senior Manager – Click & Collect, ASDA



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